french-flag-waving-animated-gif-40x25808 people

808 people is a long term project in achieving portraits of electronic music artists.

First, it was to keep memory of them in their authenticity, hence the choice to depict them in detail and to capture their gesture during a live performance.
Then gradually has come the idea of gathering every kind of personalities, whatever music culture, fame, nationality, or gender and making no difference between mainstream and underground scenes. Showing the faces, pulling some of them out off the shadow, is an alternate concept of anonymity describing people placed on the same level, as beings and artists in their accomplishment. By the way, collecting many of these is to show the numerous identities involved. Electronic music thus can be explained as a true culture, born from the complex meeting of individualities.

Not because they are the same, gathering people in the same project is a testimony they are different minds but still connected, since all are dedicated to the music – in a way or another – by creating or spreading the music they play.