Inhabited urban landscapes 

People have never lived so many and so close in the cities. Though in time of peace, modern society breeds a war of all against all by praising competition. Meanwhile, communication technologies are frequently used instead of talking face-to-face. When he’s not an adversary, the other becomes a distant disembodied concept. The time allowed for someone fades out, judgements are quickly based on the trappings of success and social status, and quantity of casual connections is privileged as evidence of value. Finally the neighbour is no more a concern, opening the way to a reclusive lifestyle despite appearances.

In these pictures, the city is shown as an unbalanced and immutable structure, brought to an equilibrium by the random and unpredictable people who come in. Thus if people are individuals on their own (though living close), there might be a place they can bring something for the world by their being, with some return that they are a value being part of it.

© Arnaud Ancel